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MORI & SONS is a family business, a father and his two sons.
The father, Paulo Morisson: 60 years old. Amateur musician. He started in Arts & Entertainment, made film production, was the Road Manager of the greatest Portuguese rock band “Xutos & Pontapés” between 1983 and 1988. He was General Manager of a multinational pharmaceutical company for 20 years until 2016.

The eldest son, João Morisson: 36 years old, Degree in Tourism, Master in Sports and Events Management. He was a competition athlete and coach in both tennis and football (soccer). He lived in the USA, Denmark and Spain. Previously, he spent 3 years in a fast-paced, growing start-up. João is currently the CEO of MORI & SONS.

The youngest son, Pedro Morisson: 31 years old. Musician. Graduated in Fine Arts. With a special interest in the history and culture of Lisbon. He has been working in tourism in Lisbon since 2014. Pedro currently lives on the island of São Miguel in the paradisiac archipelago of the Azores.

We love people and this is why we have dedicated ourselves to Tourism. We know the best ways, we offer the best routes and transport solutions for those who visit and want to know Portugal.

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We show you the many and diverse Natural and Cultural Heritage of Portugal: LISBON, SINTRA, FÁTIMA, ALENTEJO, ALGARVE, PORTO, DOURO, CENTRE and NORTH, AZORES and MADEIRA. History, Monuments, Towns, Villages, People, Gastronomy, Wine, Culture, Religion, Commerce, Sports, Nightlife...
Come with us, travel in time and space in Portugal, the country with the most ancient borders of Europe, with the most inviting climate, the most preserved landscapes and where people born to host, will welcome you.

It is the history and so many stories that we will tell and show to those who visit us and look for what is before and beyond the immense beauty of our landscapes.

Like Lisbon, in a huge and luminous estuary where Tagus flows into the Atlantic, the whole history sends forth every moment in the present as we witness the birth of the future in Portugal - the witness of time.



MORI & SONS is a company dedicated to Tourism and Personalized Transportation. We have a fleet of high-end vehicles, all the required licenses and insurances for tourist activity. We partner with specialized companies, which allows us to respond to any transportation requirement.


Today, not only Lisbon and Oporto but the whole territory, is served by one of the best road networks in Europe. All cities are accessible by motorway, allowing a maximum of 3 hours to reach any point in the country.


"The Portuguese people are the most welcoming I have ever met."

How many times have we heard or read this statement? Often because this is really an authentic feature of Portugal.

Portugal has a geographical location of excellence: in southern Europe between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, between Africa and Europe, at the intersection of air and sea routes connecting Europe to Africa and to South and North America.



Portugal has a natural, geological, historical, cultural and monumental heritage that begin with the Footprints of the Dinosaurs, through the Human Vestiges from the Paleolithic; the Roman Temples; the Cathedrals and Medieval Villages; the Renaissance and the Globalization of the Portuguese Discoveries; the pomp of the first global empire that was Portugal during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; the Earthquake and the Century of Lights; the Industrial Archeology of nineteenth century; the Portuguese twentieth century, when a rural country was simultaneously the headquarter of a vast Colonial Empire. Up to modern today’s Portugal, where history peeks into the future.

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· Religious Tours: Sanctuary of Fátima, Sameiro, Bom Jesus ...

· Nature Tours: Natural Parks of Arrábida, Serra da Estrela, Gerês and the Barrocal in Algarve; Caves, Beaches, Trekking...

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· City Walking Tours: Alfama, Chiado, Graça, Belém, Street Art, Poetic, Galleries, Gastronomic ...




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